Why Reel?

We believe your aspirations can become a reality if you go about it smartly. Reel helps you rethink the way you buy, by empowering you to see the potential of your own saved money through time.

What makes Reel unique?

Think of Reel as guilt-free shopping. We help you save up for the things you want to buy. Unlike credit, you have the satisfaction of paying with your own money. No debt = no guilt.

How does Reel work?
  1. Tell us what you want
    Search from millions of products from hundreds of stores, anything from clothing and accessories, to furniture and home decor.
  2. Set a saving strategy
    Pick how much you want to save up every day, then link your bank account to start automatic transactions towards it.
  3. Save up, then own it
    As you save, we’ll keep you inspired and track the price. Once you save the full amount, you’ll need to confirm your shipping address so we can place the order for you.
What can I save for with Reel?

Lots of things! Anything from fashion items (like handbags, shoes, and clothes), to makeup, jewelry, some electronics, home decor, and even furniture.

Are the items new or used?

That’s a great question! We offer items from hundreds of retailers, from big ones like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Ave, and Bloomingdales, to medium and smaller stores. So after you save with Reel and we place the order, the retailers sends the item to you. Reel does not hold inventory. The retailer is responsible to ensure the item is new, authentic and in good condition. If that’s not the case, the retailer’s return policy applies.

Can I transfer from one item to another?

You bet! The beauty of Reel is that you are not locked to one store, nor to one item. If you change your mind we can transfer your saved funds towards a different one.

What if I change my mind?

Of course! You can always Pause or Resume your Reel on the Actions Tab. If you decide not to save for the item anymore we can transfer the saved money towards a different item or cash you out.

What does the price listed on Reel include?

Prices on the Reel site include the original retail price of the product, plus our handling fee. The estimated sales tax is based on the Zip code you provide once you set up your account, and it’s automatically added once you start saving for your item.

How can I Pause or Resume a Reel?

Go to your Reels, select an item, then go to the Actions Tab to either Pause or Resume it. Important: Please keep in mind that as soon as you Resume a previously Paused Reel, a new contribution will be generated on that day. Also, if you Pause a Reel right after creating it, you’ll have an 1 hour and a half before it gets automatically deleted.

Can I save an item I’m not ready to start Reeling yet?

Yes you can! As you’re browsing use the star icon on the top right corner of each item’s image to save it for later. You can keep track of any saved items by going to your Want List.

How secure is Reel?

We make the security of your funds and information our top priority. Your money lives in a FDIC insured account (covered for up to $250,000). We also use certified SSL communications to encrypt and safely store your info.

Can friends chip in towards my item?

Coming soon, so hold that thought.

What about one-time contributions?

Yep, it’s called “Boost,” it allows you to make a Full or Partial one-time contributions towards an Active Reel. It’s only available for Reels with 50% or more saved. The funds will be automatically debited from your default bank account, and it will take 2-3 business days to reflect on your Reel.

How can I apply a Coupon? Coupons can only be added after you start saving. Go to an active Reel, select the Actions Tab > Add Coupon. After entering the code, make sure to press “Apply Coupon.” Please keep in mind coupons can take a few hours to show up on your Reel.
Why are some of my coupons unavailable?

Most coupons have an expiration date, or are for a one-time use. So, if you try to add a coupon that’s no longer available, or has already been applied, it won’t credit to your Reel..

Does Reel have a Referral Program?

We do! Reelers get $15 for every referred friend that completes their first Reel of $100 or more. Plus, there is no limit on the amount of people you can invite. Sweet deal, right?

Are there any fees to use Reel?

A 5% handling charge (with a minimum of $5) is included in the price of the item you are saving for, this covers all money transferring fees, price monitoring, order processing, and standard shipping costs.

How is Tax and Shipping calculated?

For your convenience, we ask you to provide your Zip code during the set up process, so we can automatically ad Sales Tax to the final price of the item you’re Reeling. Shipping costs vary depending of the retailer we end up placing the order from.

How does the money get transferred?

Through ACH transactions, which is a standard process many financial institutions, apps, and platforms use. Keep in mind once a debit is requested, it takes approximately 3-5 business days for the money to clear from your bank account and credit towards what you are Reeling.

Why is my daily/weekly contribution still pending on my Reel?

Even if your bank already processed the transaction, it usually takes 3-5 business days for that money to reflect in your Reel account. Also keep in mind sometimes banks process transactions in batches, so you might see two or more contributions clearing in your bank account on the same day.

How can I avoid overdrafts?

Glad you ask! When linking a bank account you want to automatically debit from, it’s very important that you make sure it has enough funds or a constant stream of cash coming in. Reel only knows from which account to make daily or weekly debits from, nor how much is available on it.

Can I change my linked bank account?

Not for now. We’re working on adding this feature

What if I want to cash out my saved money?

You can cash out at anytime. You’ll need to get in touch with us to request for your money to be returned to the same bank account it was originally debited from. Keep in mind a 10% cash out fee, will be applied to the total saved money you will like to withdrawal from your Reel account. It can take up to 10 business days for the money to be back in your bank account.

Once I complete saving for my item, how do I get it?

Reel will notify you once you have saved for your item in full. We’ll need the shipping address so we can place the order for you, so we suggest you include your zip code during your account setup, that way we’ll be able to add tax to the total amount you are saving for. Shipping varies depending on the retailer, most offer standard free shipping (3-5 business days). But, we’ll notify you if that’s not the case.

How can I return or exchange my product?

In the event that you need to return or exchange your product, we would follow the Return Policy of the retailer who fulfilled your order. Although return forms and return shipping labels are usually provided within your package, please be sure to contact Reel Customer Success prior to sending your product back so that all necessary arrangements can be made on your behalf.

Is there an app for your website?

Reel is a Web App, it can be accessed from your computer, tablet or phone.

Isn’t Reel just like layaway?

Not really. Most stores that offer layaway plans don’t give you the flexibility to change your mind, plus you are locked to that one retailer. With Reel, you are not limited to one store. We look for better deals from hundreds of retailers as you keep setting money aside. Think of us as a Saveaway ; ).

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