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Reel is a platform for debt-free shopping. We make it simple to pay for what you want in installment savings. From a new pair of shoes to an Apple Watch, we help you save a little every day while giving you inspirations and price alerts. Our objective is to help millennials, the most credit adverse generation with the highest consumption power, achieve their goals while avoiding the burden of unnecessary debt.

Current job openings

Engineer/ Developer

We are looking for an engineer that thrives off the exchange of ideas, and enjoys coming up with innovative solutions. If you have fun collaborating, this is the gig for you. Plus, you will play a pivotal role in building a company from the ground up with a team of founders that have years of experience in tech and marketing (winning combo ding ding ding!). We are currently part of MuckerLabs and the product is live. (MVP was successfully in the market since January).

Tech talk:

We keep our tech stack simple, so we can focus on the fun part of programming, the building, fixing and solving. Our stack is based in AWS, so experience with that stack is a big plus.


Experience with JavaScript is mandatory, but doesn’t have to be Node.js or the TypeScript variant. (eventually only TypeScript)

AWS Lambda (Node.js) (4)


We are in it to win it, so we look for awesome folks to join our team of smart, creative, fun and highly motivated people. We have great perks like team happy hours, breakfast Mondays, and ME days. Did I mention that we work a block away from the beach?

If interested send your resume to

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